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Who is this lady with the green eyes?


A short bio:

I have been working in film and TV for close to a decade, following my love-hate affair with Architecture and its interdisciplinary studies.


Why sets?

It was a few short years working in the art department before I found a way to channel my shopping addiction through set dec (only joking). Hopefully my work and CV shows itself off.


What about the work?

I enjoy the variety of projects that I am a part of and I'm always open to new platforms. My passions will always lie in sets for camera and finding solutions to client briefs.

Tell me about last year?

Last year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel Europe on photoshoots with Banana Republic. It was a whirlwind and has taught me how not to be phased by crazy ideas or remote locations. 

And the future?

Looking for a Set Dec or Assistant Set Dec? Drop me an email for films, TV, commercials and anything in between!

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