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Ysabel Kaye


A short bio in case you're interested....

I started working in the film and TV industry straight from university where I studied Architecture and interdisciplinary studies.


I began in the general art department trying out various roles and then came across the Set Dec department on a larger production. I fell in love with it and have been learning and working as the right hand woman with Set Decorators and Set Designers ever since.


I have worked on various short films and personal creative projects in collaboration with directors, singers, designers and festival teams in parallel with the larger projects I have worked on and love the creativity that naturally comes with working on tight budgets and smaller projects. I'm keen to continue working as a Set Decorator but due to my background I'm also happy to take on the Production Design role as I have in the past.


University College London 

The Bartlett School of Architecture


Alnoor Dewshi - Director

Ben Garfield - Director

The Ruby Darlings - Band

Lily Philips - Comedian

Benjamin Hay - Director

Lara Genovese - Director

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